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Class Description

All classes include a thorough warm-up (in the center or at the barre), floor work, progressions across the floor, center work, and choreography.

We teach:

Acro Dance is a fun way for our dancers to combine dance techniques with acrobatic elements. The classes include flexibility, balancing and conditioning exercises, mixed with gymnastic elements to create strong versatile dancers.

Body Conditioning focus on building stamina, stability and strength. The goals of this class are to reduce injuries and improve posture, flexibility, coordination and overall fitness. Dancers will engage in exercises that include body alignment, resistance training, core strengthening, stability, endurance exercises, etc.


Caribbean Rhythms is an exciting mix-up of Soca, Calypso, Dancehall, Reggae, African, Folk and and Latin dance styles. Dancers will learn thrilling choreography combos that are different each class while discovering the history behind the Caribbean's rich dance and music culture.

Creative Movement is a fun and exciting class which inspires creativity, teaches coordination, musicality and body awareness. Students will learn the fundamentals of dance using their imagination and props. This class will prepare students to learn to follow direction, take turns and practice following and being a leader.

Hip Hop is an upbeat urban style of dance that is forever evolving. This high energy class consists of rap, hip hop and pop sounds, focusing on musicality, rhythm and self-expression.

Jazz  is a exploration of style and presentation. Classes emphasize musicality and body alignment, conditioning, stretch and strengthening, rhythm and stylization as well as fun and innovative choreography.

Modern Contemporary encourages dancers to be versatile in their expression and to be able to portray a wide array of movement styles and emotions. It focuses on special and body awareness, use of body weight, floor work, technique, efficiency of muscle usage, musicality and safe body alignment.

Junior & Senior Performers gives our  dancers  an  additional  performing  outlet. Dancers, ages  8+,  that  are interested in becoming members of ‘The Performers Group’ have decided to make their dance training a primary focus and activity in addition to their regular schooling. Dancer will be require to take at least 1 timetabled class and the Body Conditioning class per week and maintain above 90% attendance for all classes.

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